Maria Berg
Maria Berg

This bookmark is meant to be more than a bookmark.


It is meant to remind you of the light

that is always available within you,

regardless of the weather outside.


On the backside of the bookmark

I created a space for you to capture

your favorite quotes or other notes

you would like to keep in mind.


This little bookmark could make a beautiful gift

for yourself or for your loved ones.



"Be Your Own Sunshine" Bookmark


featuring a detail from the original watercolor painting


"Be Your Own Sunshine"


The bookmark is 5,50 x 14,80 cm - 2.10 x 5.90 in

and offers a space for you to write your favorites quotes or notes.


1.68€ - 1.85$


For orders of 10 or higher shipping and handling included.


You can place your order by email right here.



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